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  1. The Smart Colour Bonding treatment sounds like it definitely helped with the condition of your hair and is also helping to keep your new colour fresh. I think your new cut looks fantastic on you and it really does suit you!

  2. It sounds like the treatment is really good. You hair looks great it looks really healthy which is important. It sounds like the treatment is well priced too!

  3. The smart colour bonding treatment sounds so good and I love how your hair looks in this photo! You are gorgeous x

  4. Your hair looks fantastic! I love the colour – I have always had long hair and I'm not sure I'd be brave enough for a bob!

  5. What a fantastic sounding treatment and I love the look of your hair, the new style looks so nice!

  6. Wow! New hair make-over it is! Your are gorgeous here! At first I never thought it was you because of the short hair! Me too needs a new hair look. -ANOSA

  7. It sounds like a good treatment. I've never had my hair done at one of these salons x

  8. Thats a nice length on you and more fashion forward. They did a great job on the colour! x

  9. You hair looks fabulous! I liked it before, however it looks so much smoother and healthier, and the colour is great. Such a good price too x

  10. I really need a hair cut. Glad to hear you had a great experience! Love your new hair style! 🙂

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