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  1. The top is really pretty I love the colour and the way it's been styled. It's super feminine isn't it 😉

  2. oh wow im not usually a fan of green but this is a stunning shade and it looks lovely on you specially with the tone of jeans x

  3. Beautiful you .. and what a pretty blouse for spring! The green would go with so many different things .. from jeans to dressier pants.

  4. LOVING this look!Terryhttp://styleofterry.wordpress.comhttp://terrystwocentsblog.wordpress.comhttp://createdbyterry.wordpress.com

  5. I really like the top, its minty color is perfect for spring. It is a nice color that would go with many outfits actually.

  6. Love the way you have styled this, Chloe! I'm not the biggest fan of the colour green, but this actually looks gorgeous for Spring! Ashleigh xxx

  7. I've been eyeing up a top similar to your green one in next for a while, love the way you've styled it!

  8. This triple top trend is so cute and you have nailed it with that pistachio top. I love the fluffy pool slides too x

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