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  1. Unwashed sounds brilliant, especially as it does not leave any pesky white marks either! I like the sound of it x

  2. The unwash stuff is intriguing, I'm bad as I wash my hair every day, I've tried training it to not need it but it doesn't work so this could be a miracle for me x

  3. Glad to see it's nicer on the hair than other dry shampoos. I always wash my hair I tried a different one of these years ago and didn't get on with it.

  4. Both of these products sound brilliant! Unwash sounds like such a better alternative than the usual dry shampoos. Bio Cleansing Conditioner sounds like it does such a wonderful job of getting your hair into much better condition. I would try these products!

  5. These products sound amazing!! I'm a huge fan of giving your hair a break. These are probably super effective.

  6. I said to myself at the start of 2017 I would be better with my haircare routine. I want lush locks! I am interested to give this a try.

  7. My mummy has the same type of hair, long, thick and brittle and she could really do with this! She only washes her hair once a week because it takes her the best part of a morning to dry it. Great product

  8. These sound like fab products. I hate washing my hair, so these sound like they'd be great for me!

  9. Oh, I would want to have this product and try if it will work on me. Thanks for introducing the brand to us. -ANOSA

  10. Ooh wow these sound fantastic, its lovely that you've seen such great results from using them and your hair looks fabulous! xxx

  11. This sounds amazing! Your hair looks incredible! I must try these products soon. I know I would love them!

  12. These sound really good especially the bio cleansing conditioner. Will have to give these a try

  13. Wow it sounds like you've had amazing results from using unwashed. I'll definitely be looking for it now!

  14. Hmm this sounds very interesting. I would like to try it out and see how it goes. I will get on Unwash soon

  15. I have never heard of this brand, or this style of washing your hair. I am totally intrigued though as my hair is suffering a little bit at the moment from too much bleach x

  16. I have never come across this before and obviously not something I have tried either, interesting concept though!

  17. I would be interested to find out how these products perform on really curly hair. My hair doesn't tend to get dirty but I end up washing it to give the bounce back.

  18. I've never really used dry shampoo because I've never been too sure about it for reason you pointed out but this sounds a lot more like the sort of thing I really need!

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