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  1. That's actually a pretty nice dress! I'm not usually a fan of denim on the top, but that actually looks good!

  2. Love the denim dress, I absolutely love denim but struggle with button up clothing due to my shape x

  3. I am ALL about denim dresses right now. I've seen a gorgeous one by Thought clothing. You should check it out.

  4. Love the look on you! Really into t-shirt dresses with knee high boots! and you're absolutely killing it!

  5. Shirt dresses never look right on me >_< They're either popping at the buttons or drowning me. I love denim though. It's so wearable ♥

  6. Oooh I WILL be showing my daughter this as she has been looking for one, bought 3 different ones and they have all been too long. This looks a lot better, Thank you xx

  7. What a great denim shirt dress I don't see many of these being worn in London for some reason.

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