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  1. I love the dress and the jacket and would definitely wear both. I've seen lace on quite a few similar tops recently. Might pick one up!Ashleigh x

  2. Well gurl you know I love pink and this pink biker is giving me life, in fact I need it in my wardrobe immediately x

  3. I really do like that pink jacket, such a great look for spring. Loving your boots as well x

  4. I do love suede jackets and I wear so much black something light and pastel coloured would look good x

  5. I love RiverIsland. You rocked this outfit, not so many people can rock thigh high boots.

  6. Love the boots from Primark, might see if we can hunt them down x the jacket is a gorgeous colour x

  7. The pink coat looks lovely I wish it was a colour that suited me I always look odd in pink.

  8. I love the jacket and the colour is stunning. I love the way you've styled it too. It looks like it came from somewhere much more expensive than River Island.

  9. That jacket is gorgeous, one of my favourite colours right now I just bought a jumper from Boohoo in the same shade with crushed velvet on the back that you might like! Love your boots too, my calves are often too big for over the knee boots so this year I'll be on more of a hunt.Hannah | Granite City Girl x

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