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  1. I only bought Double Wear foundation recently and it actually does upset me how much I like it because it's so pricey, sob sob! And the pump issue bothers me more than anything. I really need to try some of the H&M makeup, still haven't got a thing!Claire | Stylingo.co.uk xx

  2. Double Wear is my life! I love it. But there are definitely days when I don't need to put a £25 foundation on my face (i.e. I'm only popping to Sainsburys and they don't deserve a flawless face!) so a cheaper one is always needed. I haven't tried the other two but I might give them a go knowing that you are a fellow DW appreciator too!Lounaturallybeige.comxxx

  3. Yes! I'm the same if I do t wear any it will be a cheaper foundation rather than a expensive one sainsburys doesn't deserve my expensive face haha xo

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