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  1. Jfc, your blog!! I'm in love. Also extremely admire your personal sense of style. Great illustrations too :)Blog-Lovesicklilac

  2. Oh my biggest sister had her first (and only) prom when she left school. She went in a limo and looked amazing! I think they are a lovely thing to have #UKBloggers x

  3. We didn't have a prom in my day (I am old!), but it sounds great fun and always makes me think of American films. Glad yours was such fun

  4. I had prom a few years back, I think it was fairly new, so not as fairytale as the Americans do it. All that fabulousness. I hate my prom so much hahaha, but I am glad yours was fun and it should be funlovely postDanahttp://booquepress.com

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