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  1. I know wht you mean about not being able to do outfit posts now the weather has changed. Well done for doing so well at H&M!

  2. I feel the same about photographing beauty products as I had been going outside to do them as the lighting in doors is really bad so I'm struggling and I can only image it will get worse! Well done with H&M as a former manager of there, who started from the bottom and got promoted very quickly I know how bloody tough that place is (some stores may have it easier) it was the breaking point for me and literally killed any life I had away from work, however I do miss the discount but I don't miss the long hours and having to tidy up after untidy customers!!! x

  3. I always find my blogging slows down a little at this time of year because as you so rightly say the photographic opportunities are harder to come by. Still it sounds like you have lots of other exciting things going on and occasionally we all need to remind ourselves that our blogging really should just be for ourselves and not because we feel obligated to produce content!

  4. Wow – fab news on your new job. Re time for photographs. I am lucky that OH takes the kiddoes away on some weekend mornings to give me time to photograph.

  5. Great news on the job, how exciting. Sometimes we need to take a step back and once you are up and running you will be back to blogging in no time x

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