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  1. I must invest in a decent camera when I can afford it! I love the look of this one, the quality is great!Laura x x x

  2. Oh wow this looks amazing and is perfect for those out and about shots – I need something like this as carrying a DSLR can be pretty heavy and it's nice to have something high quality but compactThanks for sharingLaura x

  3. I've been after a new camera for ages and want SLR quality on a student friendly budget so I'll be keeping this in mind! Alex x

  4. wow, this looks like a really good camera option as I also find taking my DSLR around with me quite tiring.
Project Rattlebag x

  5. My sister gave me one very similar to this a few years ago. I took about 6 photos and then gave up. It's too technical for me. She lives in Australia, so no help there. I need someone close.

  6. Oo this camera looks great, so tiny too! The quality of those photo's looks amazing Ashley xashleyelizabethx.blogspot.com

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