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  1. Hey Chloe, I really love the shoes, I might buy a pair this weekend they look really comfortable. I like the charity shop idea, I might pop into a few up market charity shops this weekends as well!

  2. I've not heard of Joni jeans in Topshop but they look great so I'll keep my eyes peeled for them next time i pop in there. I have to be honest, whenever I go into chrity shops I never find anything at all, especially a silk top! You've done well!

  3. I like shopping in 2nd Hand Shops, sometimes you get real treasures 🙂 Your Outfit looks really cool! 😉

  4. Those Jeans are one of the comfiest pair I own! I've also got them in black and got them last summer, I wear them all day as they as so easy to move about it. So good that you got them for cheaper xGegsy Blog

  5. I love that top! I can't believe you picked it up in a charity shop. I'm never that lucky!Lovely look :)Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

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