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  1. I've never tried them and to be honest I haven't seen them in the shop either. It's sad that you have a reaction to them!

  2. I havent seen this in the shops but I might look in Savers if they are so cheap and give them a go myself! My hair could definitely do with being restored. Shame they have irritated your skin though :/ xx

  3. I have used their shampoos and conditioners and they all did that too my scalp! The smell was always amazing but it always irrittated my scalp

  4. I love anything coconut flavoured, I'm currently using Boots Ingredients Coconut and Almond Shampoo and Shower Cream – Amazing! Might try this one out too now!

  5. I love all things with natural ingredients and no I haven't tried this product, as I'm a black woman who's uses specialist black hair products, but this is worrying that the product is causing irritation. I say write to the manufacturers with your concerns.

  6. maybe it's not just me then? I have noticed a lot with their stuff. such a shame as they do wonders for my hair. just not my scalp 🙁 <3

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