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  1. aw I love the seaside but have not been yet this year, I have a feleing its going to be a hot one though so am ready x

  2. Loving the photos, it's been years since I went to the seaside. I would love to move closer to a beach one day. Just a shame they tend to get too busy during the summer…I think my own private island would be a better idea.

  3. Love the photos, I absolutely love being by the sea, so relaxing and calming.www.beautykinguk.co.uk

  4. I love your pictures, I need a new camera and it makes me jealous lol.Fish and Chip flavoured rock?!! that's got to be worth a try lol!!There is something so therapeutic about the sea side, although warmer days make it better, you get so many people there that it's almost worth going on the colder days :)Lulu from The Lemon Unicorn http://thelemonunicorn.blogspot.co.uk/ x

  5. aww that photo with the bike is so cute! It's a shame the weather wasn't better xmezmadeup.blogspot.co.uk

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