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  1. I love your hair this length! :)I've had mine cut into a long bob but I'm tempted to go even shorter!floraldanielle.blogspot.co.ukx

  2. Your hair looks so gorgeous like this Chloe, it really suits you! I ditched the extensions myself a few months ago after four years of wearing them obsessively, I feel so much better without them! Sophs xx The Sopho Diaries

  3. Your hair looks so pretty, and really suits you without your extensions 🙂 I chopped all my hair off in the Summer and it just made so so much more manageable laurensibs.com

  4. I'd noticed this hair trend too, it is tempting! you would really suit the long bob i'm sure. Mine's getting pretty long now but it's breaking a lot more too so i'm not sure what to do with it – may have to jump on the bandwagon! followed you on bloglovin btw:)lily xwww.jolihouse.com

  5. thank you to everyone who has commented on this post, can't get ove rhow many of you have said such lovely things. xo

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