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  1. My biology (and P.E. teacher, he was the same guy) said something to us in Year 8, why do you want to carry a camp fire in your mouth. And thats actually true when you think about it, so I've never even tried!xoxojessicafromwww.thecrownwings.blogspot.com

  2. Totally agree! Smoking is disgusting! Unforch when I'm drunk at uni I have smoked a couple but it always makes me feel shit the next morning. Don't understand why people just do it, it does make you smell!

  3. Those water vapour cigarettes are still dangerous, why would you want water in your lungs…think about it?! I hate smoking, and walking being someone who is smoking and so forcing you to inhale as if you were smoking too is just evil. It's like murdering someone slowly!

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