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  1. It's quite cute, but I don't think i'd have paid £55 for it, it's quite statement, so for me I'd go for the ebay version, which is a bargain, wear it a few times and then likely forget about it.

  2. YAY. You got it, I'm so glad you didn't have to pay any customs charges, thats an utter bargain & looks great, I think I might have to go ahead and purchase it now :)http://right-up-my-street.blogspot.comxo

  3. Loooove this. I've seen that jacket on loads of blogs recently, and I will probably end up getting it as it's sooo cheap compared to the ASOS one!laurensibs.com

  4. Such a gorgeous jacket – perfect statement piece especially at that price! xxhttp://myworldbysasha.blogspot.co.uk/p/welcome.html

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