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  1. Such a good post! I started my blog a year ago but have only recently got back into the swing of things. I can't wait to see where it'll go in the future! :)Laura x

  2. that x100s camera in the photo is the balls. I keep lusting over it in work but its £999! great post doll x

  3. Great post! I agree with everything, although I'm cool with people posting their blog links on my blog in the comments, as long as it's at the end of a actual comment and not just ''CHECK OUT MY GIVEAWAY'' haha it's a good way for blogs to get exposure, and it means I can spy on some new reads too!! :)xxxThe Beauty Belle

  4. Check out my GIVEAWAY!! ….(only joking!) ;)I agree, I also hate reading blogs that don't disclose, and I also find blogs that churn out praise after praise of products just because they items are freebies a massive turn off. Honest reviews please fellow bloggers!!Jen xx(I won't post my link seeing as you haven't asked! 🙂 x)

  5. It's sad how some bloggers only do outfit posts with clothing they've been given! I wanna see what they've brought! xo

  6. Great post! I started blogging a week ago haha really enjoy it as I've been talking to other bloggers 🙂 defiantly taking your advise on board!!xo

  7. I think this post is a really good idea, completely agree with the 'follow my blog' trickshttp://thefashiondistrictnlc.blogspot.co.uk

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