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  1. Your hair is looking buff now lady.I read all the drama last night and i hope youre okay. I dont know the people that spoke to you about it and I cant comment on that or what they said but I just hope it can all be forgotten now youve apologised. It would more childish to carry something on now for the sake of dramaxx

  2. I love this item, especially the top – an item I certainly need to get for my SS wardrobe. I think you handled the drama really well, from what appeared on my TL last night over something so ridiculously small disgusted me. Especially since many have had their own fair share of drama. Anyone could see you didn't mean any harm by your personal joke. Faggot has many meanings. <3 Lucy at Lucyy Writes x

  3. There's people on twitter and Facebook who I swear sit there and wait for some sort of drama to get involved in no matter how big or small. Ignore them lovely, they're clearly very sad and bored with nothing better to do. As for a friend to turn nasty and not talk to you personally i find that very unfair and hope he realises he made a mistake and was in the wrong and I hope you get an apology. Xx

  4. Some people need to chill out and not turn everything into drama! You shouldn't have had to go through that.Lovely top though m'lady :)Rosie x

  5. aaah thanks :)i know, but i really shouldnt care about their opinions but I dont like the fact I had people who probably havent even been on my blog or know nothing about me suddenly judging me. xx

  6. think i know who your on about, exactly. the group who were having the convo slagging me off are all known for basically being pathetic bitchy people. so I didnt expect any less tbh. xxx

  7. yeah well I kinda knew andrew wanted to cause me shit when he did a tweet about me and hashtaged bbloggers. there was just no need! he wasnt that much of a friend anyway. xxx

  8. Wow I missed all of that drama! I am so sorry that happened to you, some people on the internet take things so seriously. It's big of you to apologize and not let it escalade anymore. I hope it all clears up soon, good luck 🙂

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