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  1. My boyfriend's not like this but my brother is HILARIOUS! Always asking to 'borrow' my hair products and then, well.. he keeps them.Smooth.Rosie x

  2. HA. my boyfriend, brother and dad are all vain bastards. it's hilarious i have to hide products from them! xx

  3. this is such a funny post i dont have any brothers but my best friend does and i always see him using her products! ha xhttp://perksofstyle.blogspot.com

  4. Great post, very funny and true! I like that guys are taking more time and effort, but I think I will always take the longest time in front of the mirror haha :)cutenquirky.blogspot.com

  5. Hahaa really nice post! My boyfriend is so quick to get ready but always leaves it until the last minute so I'm always waiting around!xvanityrail.blogspot.co.uk

  6. My boyfriend is so guilty of this! He has really short hair and spends longer on it than I spend on mine! When going out with his fam we're always standing by the door waiting for him to finish his hair and his trusty hair wax always comes everywhere with us…

  7. it's so funny. it's nice that men are now adjusting to it not making them seem 'gay' but that they actually care about their appearance. x

  8. it's surprising how long lads actually take seems s they have less hair and dont apply make up xxx

  9. it's more about that fact that males are adjusting to taking care of their body more rather than not and being ashamed to do so πŸ™‚ xx

  10. oh my god the wax! every boyfriend i've had has this god damn wax and takes it with them everywhere!xx

  11. I had to laugh to myself whilst reading this. My boyfriend was actually the one that got ME onto skincare and looking after my skin more. I never used to do anything apart from use a baby wipe to take off my make up and then use a cheap moisturiser if it needed it. He took me to Selfridges to get my skin tested because I had no idea what sort of skin I had and ever since then, i've been obsessed with trying new skincare routines / products etc. He also spends AGES in the shower / bath and if we're going out, he can easily take just as long as what I do to get ready (minus having a shower) but doing his hair, moisturising, sorting his clothes, cleaning his shoes etc etc – he's terrible but I love him for it. Couldn't have asked for a cleaner boyfriend to be honest and it also means that we share toiletries (hair spray, moisturisers, bath lotions / bombs, shampoo / conditioners etc)! Great post, bet it got a few girls into arguments with their other halfs though haha! xx

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