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  1. i wish i had seen that kimono in Matalan when i stopped by there, its lovely and looks more expensive!! i am excited to hear about the meet up, have fun at selfridges! xx

  2. Oh god I suddenly need a kimono. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME. You look too fit in it, so therefore I have to have one :Pxx

  3. Your outfit posts are my absolute faveeee Chloe! I'm so upset I WORKED in Matalan and didn't even notice this kimono 🙁 X

  4. They only had a few I had a cheeky hunt to find it! Would be eat to meet you we still need to meet up for a tea 😉 xx

  5. Love the whole outfit its gorgeous especially the floral print shoes from matalan they are beauts! xhttp://shugahlicious-shug.blogspot.co.uk/

  6. Love your outfit! 🙂 I work for Matalan and I wish I would have got those slippers when I had the chance haha, they're gorgeous! Matalan are getting so much better with their styles and choices, I'm noticing a massive change in the stuff thats coming in :)Terri xo – littlegoldstars.blogspot.co.uk xo

  7. Those shoes are gorgeous! Love how you've paired them with a black outfit to show them off. And you look beautiful 🙂 xxx

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