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  1. I love how there's all these different styles of Dr. Martens. Maybe not my first pick when shopping for shoes / boots, but some studded or other ways original ones would be cool :)Have a nice weekend!Satu Indie by heart

  2. I love the studded Docs! They're gorgeous. I think the red is my favourite. The fact they stock so much clothing surprises me too, I thought it was simply boots! I adore the tartan scarf! It is gorgeous!Mia x

  3. I love Dr Martens, always have done in fact im wearing them in my latest outfit post! They're so comfy and look so cool I really like the shiny ones in one of the pics :)www.fashionrhapsody.comRose x

  4. I am absolutely fawning over every single pair. The perfect year-round shoes! Great post, I just started following you! Visit/follow my blog if you get a chance!xoAmberwww.libertydeniedd.blogspot.com

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