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  1. I love your scarf and necklace!I started the 30 day shred while I was at uni and I got to day 3 and gave up. I really need to start again to shift the weight I put on at uni but I'm soooo lazy! x

  2. I love the hair! I did the 30day shred before summer, aswell as giving up junk food and bread (trying to get bikini ready before holiday!), it made me realise that exercise and diet makes you feel so much better health-wise aswell as lifting your mood, than lazing about eating crap every did! Keep up the good work 🙂 xxxhttp://nathaliavictoriaisobella.blogspot.co.uk/

  3. Definitely one thing I'm noticing I feel do good about myself finding it hard not to eat junk though! Xxx

  4. Loving that scarf! I really need to get some chelsea boots!!! I missed fbloggers chat last night 🙁 !!!!! But love that we have that now- thank you !! xxwww.holliegrace.comHollie xx

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