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  1. So jealous of those shoes and only a tenner, need to get myself to your market. Looks lovely with the disco pants, and valid point, I find that I wear leggings but with multiple layers of tights underneath…DANM YOU WINTER 🙁 xx

  2. You should really get the balls to not hide your self. Please tell me what I spelt wrong! As I writ my posts how I speak as I'm from the West Midlands I probably use differnt terms than you! Thanks for looking at my blog and wasting two minutes of your life to make a shit comment.

  3. Your boots are such a bargain! I know what you mean about being tiny on top and bigger on the bottom, I've got a difference in size too and it's annoying when buying dresses or playsuits are the worst! Love the look by the way 🙂 Lana, xohttp://fashionfake.blogspot.co.uk/

  4. It's such a bitch isn't it? But I don't know about dresses as I can easily fit in size 10 dresses which I'm wearing today. But if I got the same size as my bottom in the dress it would be far too big! Just wish my bottom matched my top! Xxxx

  5. Ah, angry response with 3 spelling mistakes in that comment alone…shouting at your readers is going to get you nowhere, take constructive criticism. It says in every blogging guide on the internet to spell check posts before you publish them, but whatever.

  6. oh wow. you really have no life other than to make a pathetic comment on my blog. no what my readers will see from this. is i dont care about some little girl/boy who hasn't got the guts to be honest and say it to me. I'd be perfectly happy if you emailed or just simply said 'you spelt such a such wrong' but no. so you really need to look at what actions you've took before you comment on that fact i'm sticking up for myself.

  7. Love this outfit its something I'd wear:)And the nails are so cute wish I spruced my boring nails up. One colour plain jane for me x

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