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  1. love the shirt so much! you get so many good things from birmingham market! i feel bad for living there all my life and i've never been there!

  2. You look fab, love the red lippy tooI wish I could pull off shirts like this but my bust makes me look frumpy in anything oversized 🙁 xxxwww.littleboblab.blogspot.com

  3. ah, you're making me want to pull my plaid back out!and oh how miss birmingham's city centre! i'm american but i lived in birmingham while doing my study abroad at university of birmingham and i spent every weekend there. top shop was one of my favorites! and plus, i could never get enough of all the h&ms you all have there!! ah! i love england so much. can't wait to go back soon.morganhttp://quitetheblog.com

  4. Aw anericabsxare do adorable because they love our shops so much! Ha bless! Topshop in BIRMIBGHAM is amazing! Xxx

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