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  1. A great post £40 is very good, i read one post that cost over 3200 now that is a lot lol Axhttp://thequirkyfox.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. I really enjoy the items you use, the LOOK products are new to me and I cant wait to get my hands on some 😀 Great price to have a pretty face of makeup, most I read by UK bloggers cost at least £100 which I don't find too practical (at least for my budget). xx,diamondinrouge.blogspot.sg

  3. i know. i cannot believe how much some people actually spend on make up. the most expensive cosmetics i won are my chanel lipstick and nail varnish xxxTHANKS XXX

  4. I did this post too and I was shocked at my total. I don't think that we realize hoe expensive our daily face routine is until we have to list all the products. Loved reading this post:-) I just found your blog today and I am looking forward to reading more xoxo

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