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  1. I'd love to go to a Birmingham meet up! :)Somewhere in the town center is best for me and preferably a weekend as I work full time.I'll have a think about what we could do! x

  2. agree i think it would be a good day out/meet up get a meal go shopping in selfridges etc. just datesss.xx

  3. I agree with the lovely lady above. Weekends are easier. Preferably not for a month just because I'm rather poor at the moment. Depending on people we could go for a coffee maybe? x

  4. I'm definitely up for a meetup in Birmingham. Bullring would be good, it's the only place I know how to get to there! haha. x

  5. I'm not from the Midlands, but this is a great event being held in Birmingham in the next few weeks. It would be cool if you guys went to this together! :)http://style.selfridges.com/whats-in/glamour-beauty-event

  6. I'd be very interested. I have such a little blog I never know if anyone would care if I came along to these sort of things!I'm from Northampton so if I'm not working I would love to drive up! x

  7. this would be really good! it'd be the kind of thing i'd do if i wasn't going away to uni soon, if you ever do this kinda thing again let me know! x

  8. i would definitely be up for going, just tell me the time and the place ;Dabout time someone arranges a brum bbloggers meet up :)would be awesome if you could do it in birmingham city centre as its only about an hour and a half away from me :Dcount me in!zoe lianne xx

  9. this will be so exciting, so pleased we got the ball rolling on this one girls. I think it should be on a weekend and will need to give us all a little time to save some money so we can all go shopping lol. Cant wait xxxwww.misssunshinesparkle.blogspot.com

  10. Love your blog, i'm a new follower. I'd love a blog meet up very jealous! lolcheck out my blog?! myloveforxx.blogspot.ie

  11. Oh my I would love to go! However, I go back to university in a couple of weeks which is up North!I'll keep checking for dates on here :)Amy xxhttp://alittleboatsailing.blogspot.co.uk/

  12. I was thinking we do it in October plenty of time to save? Everyone comment your dates and I'll create a poll tonight! Xxxxx

  13. I'd love to but Birmingham is about an hour away and I wouldn't be able to afford transport 🙁 Would have loved to have gone though! Lots of love, Alex from Bambella Blog

  14. i live in birmingham during term time (i'm at uni there) and would love to be involved in a blogger meet up. i too am always jealous when other people post about their local blogger outings. has this event already happened or are you still planning it?let me know :)x

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